Glass Partition For Office

National Glass Partitions supply and fit glass partitions for office, shop, gym, salon or home use.

Whether you are looking for a frameless glass partition or a partition with a framed glass door, single glazed or double glazed, we have a system to suit your requirements. Our demountable glass partitions use aluminium channels which are easy to install and remove making them ideal for partitioning a let property.

Each partition comes in a choice of 4 frame colours and the glass doors come with hydraulic hinges and a choice of handles in either black or silver. If you prefer an industrial style glass partition, we can use our aluminium banding system to create black framed partitions for a crittal style partition which is fully demountable.

Whilst our frameless glass partitions offer a low cost solution to office partitioning, if acoustics are an issue in your office, we can supply with double glazed partitioning or acoustic glass partitions. Both of these options come with framed doors to reduce the noise levels in your office.

Our glass partition door frames come in silver, white, black or anthracite at no extra cost. Our framed doors come with side hung hinges and locking lever latch handles.

If your office has a high ceiling, our experienced fitters can build a bulk head for you to reduce the ceiling height to 3m or lower and we can then fit a 12mm toughened glass partition with a glass door with overhead panel. If the ceiling is reduced to below 2.7m, a 10mm toughened glass partition may be suitable.

Our glass partition installers can discuss all of these elements with you at a site visit where they will confirm the suitability of our various partitioning systems.

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