Glass Partition Fitting Guide

There are 5 main components to our glass partitions:


U channel – Track which holds the glass panels


The first stage of the installation process is set out the U channel track around the perimeter of the glass wall you want to build. U channel is available in four different thickness to allow you to fit the opening you have to the glass panel sizes we have available. If you are unsure which U channel size you need, ask us and we can work this out for you.


U channel is supplied in 3 meter lengths, this is made of aluminium and so is easily cut to size with a hack saw or chop saw.  You will then need to drill holes into the U channel and fix it to the floor, walls and ceiling with screws. Screws are not supplied. It is advised to counter sink the screws into the U channel so there are no proud screw heads which might damage the glass


Glass Panels


Once the U channel is in place, the glass can be lifted into the U channel or slid into the U channel through the door opening. The glass panels should be levelled using packers in the base of the U channel to ensure the glass panels are standing vertically and the joins between them are vertical.


Partition Joints


Once the glass panels are in place they can be joined together vertically using self-adhesive partition joints (dry joints) or a bead of clear silicon (wet joints).


Rubber Gasket


When the Glass panels are in place and joined vertically, the rubber gasket is used to fix the glass panels into the U channel. Push the rubber gasket into the U channel on both sides of the glass to wedge it into the U channel. It is best to push the rubber gasket into the U channel on both sides simultaneously so that an equal amount of gasket is pushed in either side of the glass. (this requires 2 )


Hinged Glass Doors


A gap of 910mm should be allowed for each door (assumes 900mm door width). The glass door is mounted on a hydraulic spring which controls the speed of the opening and closing of the door. Glass doors are symmetrical and 180 degree opening, so you can fit them left or right opening, no need to decide this in advance. Firstly you will need to fix a floor plate onto the floor with the  bolts supplied. Then insert and fix the U channel pivot point directly above the floor plate. Next fit the metal patches supplied to the top and bottom of the door. (NB the door should be first installed in the closed position)  Now lift the door up and sit it on the floor plate, slotting the square hole on the metal patch into the square pin poking up from the floor plate. Then lean the door up to the U channel pivot point.  Unscrew the Alan key bolt which holds the circular hole in the top patch and then swivel this out and around the circular U channel pivot point that is pointing downward from the U channel . Once the circular pivot point is in the circular hole, tighten the Alan bolts. The door should now open. To adjust the speed that the door closes, adjust the 2 speed adjustment screws on the bottom metal patch.