Glass Door Fitting


Allow 5mm clearance on either side of our frameless glass doors. A 900mm wide door will need a space of 910mm wide.

The glass door is mounted on a hydraulic spring which controls the speed of the opening and closing of the door. Our glass doors open both ways and have 180 degree opening, so you can fit them left or right opening, without needing to decide this in advance.

Firstly you will need to fix a floor plate onto the floor with the bolts supplied. Then insert and fix the U channel pivot point directly above the floor plate. Use a laser to ensure that this is plumb.

If the door is going into a glass partition, the pivot point of the door will sit on the outside of the u channel. The glass partition track which is supporting the adjacent glass panels will run all the way above the top of the door.

Fit the metal patches supplied to the top and bottom of the door.

The door should be first installed in the closed position and you will find that the hydraulic patch fixing will not open without the weight of the door on it. Lift the door up and sit it on the floor plate, slotting the square hole on the metal patch into the square pin poking up from the floor plate. Then lean the door up to the U channel pivot point.

 Unscrew the Alan key bolt which holds the circular hole in the top patch and then swivel this out and around the circular U channel pivot point that is pointing downward from the U channel . Once the circular pivot point is in the circular hole, tighten the Alan bolts. The door should now open.

To adjust the speed that the door closes, adjust the 2 speed adjustment screws on the bottom metal patch.

Use a glass partition cover plate to cover the opening in the track above the door.

Please call National Glass Partitions on 0800 772 3992 if you require assistance with fitting your glass office partition. 

Glass Door Fitting Instructions